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The New Home of the
Yestertunes Music Library

For those who haven’t heard, Jim Jones had a stroke, sold the house, and moved into a senior community.  Since there’s insufficient storage space there for the Yestertunes Music Library, he turned it all over to Chris Dierl, who is furiously working on updating the website, finding a place for several dozen file cabinets, and sorting, scanning, and filing music.  

Please stay tuned, and check back often to see new and additional info and web pages. 

About the Yestertunes Library Catalog: 

The number of entries in the spreadsheet is huge, and it will take a while to verify each entry for accuracy. Each file drawer needs to be checked to make sure that each chart is present and complete. Each PDF needs to be checked for quality and completeness. Dozens of cardboard boxes of music need to be sorted, cataloged, and filed.

Meanwhile, be sure to inquire about any chart of interest, to make sure that it is ready to be sent.

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